Clairemont Girls Fastpitch
Photo Submission Guidelines

Clairemont Girls Fastpitch accepts photos for web site publication in our photo galleries from all interested parties.  There are several criteria followed when selecting photos for publication.

Are the photos pertinent and of interest? Photos of players, parents, or various league events are normally fine.  There needs to be some sort of tie-in to the league.

Photos must be in good taste and appropriate. The webmaster reserves the right to exclude photos that may be unduly embarrassing or otherwise inappropriate for our site. Also, once a photo is posted the subject may object.  At that point the webmaster may remove that photo without notice to or consideration of the photographer.

Technical Considerations: We understand that we have photographers of varying skill levels, and we welcome everyone's photos, regardless of experience.

We do try to maintain a minimum level of photographic quality for the CGFP web site, so please consider the following factors when submitting photos:

Sharpness – Is the subject of the photo in focus? Photos that are not clear will be discarded.

Redundancy – We have a finite amount of storage space on our web server.  If you took a series of shots that are very similar, please submit only the best photo. We understand that it's pretty cool to see a pitching sequence, especially if you have the rapid frame rate of a professional camera.  If you think it's a really great sequence, consider burning them to a CD and providing it to the subject, rather than to this web site.  If you are really set on showing it to the world, consider one of the many photography web sites, such as Flickr, PicasaWeb, Pbase, etc.

So how should I submit my photo? This depends on your experience level.

Amateurs – Please submit your photograph straight from the camera.  Don't attempt to resize, crop, color-shift, scale, compress, “save-for-web,” or otherwise process your photo.  If you have many photos, it may take a number of e-mail packages to send all of your photos.  Take that as an opportunity to select only your very best shots.

Professionals/Semi-Pros/Advanced Amateurs - We have at least one photographer within our league whose work easily falls in the professional class.  He knows how to best crop for effect, and process/resize the photo for web display.  For this class of photographer, please submit your web-ready photograph with a file size under 200 kilobytes, and a maximum pixel height/width of 1920 pixels. Larger files will be acceptable for special event photos, such as the Opening Day league group shot, etc.  Though this is subject to change, the default web page view is currently 550 px.  Clicking on a photo allows the viewer a full- size version, so 1920 px sizes are useful for those who'd like to print the photo or investigate in greater detail. (If possible, also retain the original file's Exif data.)

For any questions or clarification on these guidelines, please contact the webmaster.