Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball League
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Clairemont Girls Fastpitch
League Contact Information

We've tried to put as much information on this web site as is possible.  If needed you can contact Clairemont Fastpitch by phone or by e-mail.  Who should you contact?  See the list below for guidelines:

President: Contact the league president regarding general league information, policies, and other information.

Vice-President: Contact the league vice-president when the president is unavailable.

Player Agent: Contact the player agent regarding regular season player registration issues (how, when, who, and where to sign up, team selection, etc.)


Webmaster: Contact the webmaster for questions regarding operation and use of the web site ONLY.  Questions regarding league operations should be referred to one of the elected board members previously referenced.

League members (parents and players) with a valid web site login ID and password may directly access e-mail addresses and phone numbers through the People, Board, and Team menu items above (in the top-of-page banner).

We don't have a league telephone number, so please use the contact information provided here.
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch SoftballClairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball