American Girl 15 (3A)
2000 Memorial Day Team
Game Summaries and Schedule

NOTE: Many of these summaries may refer to the Clairemont players by only their first names. For the complete team roster please refer to the team roster page.

2000/05/27 - Saturday games...

8:00 AM Game 1 - Clairemont "Clairemonsters" vs. North El Cajon "Sudden Impact" - Clairemont won 14-3. Game summary to follow.

2:00 PM Game 2 (Lakeside vs. Clairemont) - Lakeside won 9-0. Game summary to follow.

2000/05/28 - Sunday games...

10:00 AM Game 3 (Clairemont vs. ???) - Score and game summary to follow.

Submitted by: Lenny Gemar