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American Girl 15 (3A)
2000 Spring Sox
Game Summaries

NOTE: Many of these summaries refer to the Clairemont players by only their first names. For the complete team roster please refer to the team roster page.

2000/06/17 (S3A/CVII) - Today's games with Chula Vista II, the "Chula Vista Thunder."

9:00 AM Game 1 (Clairemont was Home) - This was an exciting game, and one of the most competitive games played this season. 6 and 1/2 innings of play saw great defense in action as the runs were kept to a minimum. Clairemont drove in 3 runs in the first two innings while the Thunder drove in 2 of their own in the 3rd. The remaining innings saw no additional runs as the Clairemonsters prevailed. Final score: Clairemont 3-2.

11:00 AM Game 2 (Clairemont was Visitor) - Clairemont's pitching fell apart in the second game and their bats were rendered nearly silent as only 4 hits were allowed by Chula Vista, while the Thunder accomplished 11 hits and placed a total of 24 runners on base. As you might imagine Chula Vista drove in a few runs, 6 due to walks. It was a hard-fought game, but Chula Vista ran away with it in a final score of 12-1 in 5 innings. Final score: Chula Vista 12-1.

This double-header concluded the 3A 2000 Spring Sox season for Clairemont, with a final Clairemont standing of 11-1. Congratulations to the Clairemont Clairemonsters!

Submitted by: Lenny Gemar

2000/06/11 (S3A/STI) - Today's games with Santee I "Shooting Stars."

9:00 AM Game 1 (Clairemont was Home) - With their star pitcher out with an injury, the Santee Shooting Stars had a difficult time pulling it together. Out of 4 innings, only one runner (Erica Lucia) made it to 1st base on a wild pitch. Meanwhile, the Clairemont Clairemonster's bats were hot as they racked up hit after hit, accumulating 19 runs. In 23 at-bats, Clairemont hit 9 singles, 6 doubles, and 1 triple (Kara Jacobson). Final score: Clairemont 19-0.

10:45 AM Game 2 (Clairemont was Visitor) - The second game saw the Shooting Stars pick up the pace as they proceeded to hit 6 singles in 18 at-bats, and managed to generate 2 runs in the 5th inning (runs by Christine Parela and Nicole Mitchell). Unfortunately for them, the Clairemonsters were a little more effective in bringing in the runs. The Clairemonsters hit 7 singles, 1 double, and 6 triples driving home 18 runs. Final score: Clairemont 18-2.

It was apparent that the Shooting Stars were struggling. The loss of their best pitcher for this game, coupled with some staff changes during the season have been distractions for the team. Regardless of the game results, Santee maintained a positive attitude and displayed good sportsmanship throughout. This reporter wishes them well and we look forward to meeting you again in the Fall season. Have a great summer!

Submitted by: Lenny Gemar

2000/06/04 (S3A/Vista) - Today's games were cancelled as Vista forfeited due to a lack of players.

2000/05/21 (S3A/STII) - Today's games were with Santee II.

1:00 PM Game 1 (Clairemont was Home) - Ashley Reed again started for Clairemont in this doubleheader with Santee. Leading off with a strikeout on Santee's Leah, a 5-3 throw took out Tracy, but then Tasha and Tara followed with a couple of singles to get on base (both got their hits on the first pitch). Tina was then thrown out to end Santee's session at bat. Clairemont didn't fair as well, with Chrissy and Gina both put out. Ashley drew a walk, but Jennifer Creager was thrown out at first to end the inning. (0-0)

The top of the 2nd inning went quickly for Santee as Ashley struck out Ericka and Jill in order, and Clairemont defense threw out Tina at 1st. Not so for Clairemont. Michael led off the bottom of the 2nd inning with a line drive to 2nd base for the first (and only) out. Stefanie drew a walk, Angela hit a single, Kelly and Karlee both hit doubles, Kyrstin drew a walk, Jennifer Price made 1st on a dropped-third strike, Doni drew a walk, and Chrissy ended the inning with a single that brought in the 6th run (6-run rule). (Clairemont 6-0)

The 3rd inning again saw Santee's lineup go quickly. Karlee Halshaw relieved Ashley as pitcher, promptly striking out Taylor, followed by Leah and Tracy who were both fielded out. Clairemont's 3rd inning performance matched its 1st inning as Gina struck out, Ashley was thrown out, Jennifer Creager walked, and Michael was thrown out for the final out. The inning ended with neither team getting past first base. (Clairemont 6-0)

The top of the 4th inning went quickly. Despite allowing two walks by Tasha and Tara, all 3 of the batters to approach the plate for Santee were thrown out stealing or running to 2nd base. With Clairemont at bat, Stefanie drew the 1st out with a fly out to the shortstop. Angela drew a walk followed by Kelly making 1st on a wild pitch. Karlee was thrown out from short to 1st, making the 2nd Clairemont out. Kyrstin hit a single, Jennifer Price drew a walk, Doni made base on an error in centerfield, and Chrissy hit a single. With Gina approaching the plate, it was determined that Clairemont had brought in 5 runs which was enough to win the game under the 10-run rule. Final score: Clairemont 11-0.

2:46 PM Game 2 (Clairemont was Visitor) - Tara took the mound for Santee in the 2nd game as Clairemont's Ashley batted first. Starting out with a single, she was followed by Chrissy who drew a walk, and then Jennifer Price, Kyrstin, Stefanie, and Angela all hit singles. Ashley and Kyrstin were thrown out while running bases, and Michael struck out for the final out. But not before Clairemont had brought in runs by Chrissy, Jennifer Price, and Stefanie. Clairemont starting pitcher was Stefanie. Santee had a very productive 1st inning as they brought in 4 runs by Leah, Jill, Tara, and Tasha. (Santee 4-3)

In the 2nd inning Doni was the only Clairemont run as Clairemont worked through the bottom of the lineup. Santee brought in two runs (Tina and Jill). (Santee 6-4)

The 3rd inning saw Clairemont struggle back to tie the game as singles by Chrissy and Jennifer Price turned into runs as Kyrstin hit a 2-RBI double. For Santee it was 3 up, 3 down as Tracy, Erica, and Tasmin all put bat-to-ball, but were fielded out as Chrissy took over as Clairemont's relief pitcher. (6-6)

In the previous inning, Clairemont began to awaken from their slumber. The 4th inning saw them fully wakeup as they brought in 4 more runs. A double by Karlee followed by singles for Doni, Gina, Jennifer Creager, Ashley, and Chrissy resulted in the runs that placed Clairemont in the lead. Despite allowing two walks, Clairemont held the ladies from Santee runless in the 4th inning. (Clairemont 10-6)

In the 5th inning, Clairemont not only was awake, but they turned on the steam! 11 of Clairemont's 12 girls got to bat in what was to be the last inning. Singles by Jennifer Price, Stefanie, and Angela, doubles by Kyrstin and Michael, and a 3-RBI triple by Doni brought in 7 Clairemonster runs! With 2 strikeouts and a 6-to-3 throw, Santee was retired in order. Again invoking the 10-run rule, Clairemont won 17-6.

This makes the 6th consecutive win for the Clairemonsters in this Spring Sox season. They've been performing well as a team, but are slow to get started in the first inning or two. By the 3rd inning they seem to warm up and start whacking the ball with enough power to get on base and generate runs. Keep up the good work and good luck at the upcoming Memorial Day tournament!

Submitted by: Lenny Gemar

2000/05/14 (S3A/VMII) - A beautiful, sunshine-filled day greeted the Clairemont "Clairemonsters" and the Valley Mesa II "No Respect" as they arrived at the newly-expanded East Clairemont Recreation fields. Most of the Clairemont parents were moving slowly as they recovered from Saturday's Ma & Pa Tournament, and all spectators were grateful that John Preovolos had erected sunshield covers over the bleachers. Jason Moore and John P. also scored many points with the ladies in the stands by firing up the grills and cooking breakfast for Mothers' Day. French toast, hash browns, sausages, bacon, and orange juice helped make up for the mom's not getting breakfast in bed. Quite a class-act, and a job well-done! Now on to the games.

9:00 AM Game 1 (Clairemont was Home) - Ashley Reed took the "mound" as Valley Mesa came up to bat. The first batter (Jessie) drove toward left-center, but was thrown out at 1st. She was followed by Erica, Nicole, and Andrea who all hit singles to get on base. Erica and Nicole ended up scoring runs to close the top of the 1st. The bottom of the 1st saw Randy take the mound for Valley Mesa. 6 batters, 3 walks, 3 outs by the fielders, and 1 run by Chrissy ended the inning with Valley Mesa leading 2-1.

In the 2nd inning, Ashley and the 'Monsters showed "no respect" by fielding-out Randy, Sarah, and Shante in order. With Randy still pitching for VMII, the Clairemonsters decided to "strike" back. Despite a strikeout on Karlee, the work of 8 batters succeeded in bringing in 3 runs by Michael, Sarah, and Kelly. (Clairemont 4-2)

The 3rd inning saw each team bring in 1 run, Lauren for VM and Jennifer Price for Clairemont. (Clairemont 5-3)

Valley Mesa saw Shannon come in for a run, who as relief pitcher (starting in the 3rd inning) held the Clairemonsters runless in the 4th inning. (Clairemont 5-4)

Despite allowing a double by Lauren at the top of the 5th, Jennifer Price (Clairemont relief pitcher) and the Clairemont fielders tagged or forced out the next three batters in order (Jessie, Erica, and Nicole.) Thinking that the score was just a little too close, Clairemont opened up in the bottom of the 5th with a 2 out rally, bringing in 4 runs by Chrissy, Jennifer Price, Kyrstin, and Jennifer Creager. (Clairemont 9-4)

The 6th inning saw Valley Mesa valiantly struggle to makeup the run deficit. Despite 2 singles by Justine and Randy with a walk by Shannon, a critical mid-base tag by Gina on Justine brought about the second out. With a 1 and 1 count, Sarah swatted a pretty good fly out to center but was caught for the final out. And that, as they say, was the ball game. Clairemont 9, Valley Mesa 4. Good pitching and fielding by both sides kept the score lower than might have been expected, considering some of the good hitters that approached the plate. The teams adjourned for a much-needed rest prior to game 2.

11:00 AM Game 2 (Clairemont was Visitor) - Planning to gain some respect in the second game, Valley Mesa put Randy back in as pitcher, who allowed only 1 walk, followed by 2 strikeouts and a caught fly to shortstop. Clairemont defense followed suit by allowing a leadoff walk. That walk was to become the one run of the inning as 6 more batters faced Chrissy Boehme as Clairemont's starting pitcher. (Valley Mesa 1-0)

The 2nd inning saw Clairemont run through 10 of their 12 batting lineup. And what an inning it was! It began with a strikeout by Michael, followed by dropped 3rd strike, allowing Kyrstin to get on 1st. Sarah was hit by a pitch, Kelly struck out, followed by Ashley and Jennifer Creager who both hit singles. 3 walks for Karlee, Angela, and Chrissy loaded the bases and brought in some runs. Final at bat was by Gina, who hit a hard flyball to left-center for a single, driving in the 6th run. Though the inning would have been over anyway (due to the 6-run rule) Chrissy was tagged out trying to steal 3rd.

Facing the bottom of Valley Mesa's order, Chrissy and the 'Monster's defense fielded all three batters out in order. 3-up, 3-down, and that was that. (Clairemont 6-1)

In the 3rd inning, Valley Mesa decided that they'd had about enough of all those runs. Jennifer Price was allowed a walk, manufacturing a run when the catcher missed a pitch. The other 3 batters that inning (Stefanie, Michael, and Kyrstin) either struck or grounded out. Now it was "No Respect's" turn to pull in some runs. Stephanie faced 8 Valley Mesa batters taking over as Clairemont's relief pitcher. With an initial fly-out to center, things were looking good. A single by Jessi, a walk for Randy, then 4 singles (Nicole, Andrea, Justine, and Erica) in a row loaded up the bases and brought in runs. By the time the last batter (Lauren) was thrown out at 1st, Valley Mesa had amassed 4 more runs. (Clairemont 7-5)

The 4th inning saw Randy achieve two more strikeouts, but catching errors allowed Ashleyto steal enough bases to reach home for another Clairemont run. Stephanie threw a strikeout of her own, while Clairemont fielding threw out the other two batters for a quick 3-batter inning. (Clairemont 8-5)

After Angela's initial strikeout, Clairemont got two hits in the 5th inning (Chrissy and Gina), but outs fielded on Stefanie and Jennifer Price rendered them moot. Chrissy, relief pitcher beginning in the 5th inning, struck out 1 while the team fielded out the other two batters that approached the plate. A runless inning left the score unchanged. (Clairemont 8-5)

The 6th inning began with Michael hitting a caught pop-up, followed by a walk for Kyrstin. With Sarah at bat, Kyrstin proceeded to advance to 2nd and 3rd base on catching errors. Not quite quick enough, she was caught stealing home while Kelly was at bat. No runs for Clairemont were to be had. The bottom of the inning literally "flew" by as one batter after another popped up to third, flew out to short, and struck out to end the inning. Another Clairemonster victory, final score Clairemont 8, Valley Mesa 5.

These were both a couple of exciting games. All of the girls did well and played well together as teams. Congrats to Valley Mesa's pitcher Randy, who pitched 2 innings in the first game, and all of the second game. She ended up with 7 base-on-balls, 8 strikeouts, allowing only 6 hits on 31 batters faced. Congrats also to Clairemont's Gina Klempan, whose quick thinking in the first game's 6th inning provided a key out as she tagged the runner midway between 2nd and 3rd. Next week will see Santee II face Clairemont at Clairemont. If you're not busy at the Bobby Sox bowling party, come out and cheer on the team!

Submitted by: Lenny Gemar

2000/05/07 (CVI/S3A)

1:00 PM Game 1 (Clairemont was Visitor) - Clairemont 3A began their first Spring Sox season by shutting out Chula Vista I 10-0!

It began with an uneventful 1st inning when neither team managed to score. Ashley had the only single, but Chrissy, Kyrstin, and Jennifer (Creager) couldn't bring her home as all struck-out as they were sizing up the Chula Vista pitching. Ashley Reed pitched a quick three-up, three-down inning as field defense managed to throw-out all three batters. (0-0)

The 2nd inning saw Clairemont score two runs and hold down CVI. "Stef-with-an-F" Perricone got to 1st base on a catcher's error, stole 2nd and 3rd, and then came home on an RBI double by Jennifer Price. Jennifer came home for the second run on the first of many CVI overthrows to 3rd. CVI managed a hit, but a ground out, a fly out, and a strikeout by Ashley rendered the Crazy Devils incapable of scoring in the 2nd. (2-0)

The 3rd inning saw the bats of the Clairemonsters come alive! 5 runs were accomplished as Kara reached 1st on a catcher's error, followed by a walk for Sarah. Kelly connected solidly, but was thrown out at 1st. Chrissy made 1st on another 3rd-strike ball past the catcher. Ashley popped a foul for an out, but brought home Sarah. Kyrstin made 2nd on yet another 3rd-strike passed ball, bringing in Chrissy. Jennifer Creager hit a single fly to center field, bringing home Kyrstin. Stefanie hit a triple, bringing home Jennifer. Gina ended the inning with a quick pop straight to the pitcher. Despite allowing two walks, Stefanie and the Clairemont defense held Chula Vista scoreless. (7-0)

The 4th inning was, how can I say it, short. Jennifer Price out on a pop-up. Angela struck out. Michael thrown out at first. The bottom of the inning was almost as fast. With Stefanie pitching, a glancing blow to the first batter placed a runner on first. The next batter struck out, as did the fourth. The third batter grounded out at first. (7-0)

The 5th inning was a bit more exciting, with Kara walking, stealing two more bases, then stealing home on, you guessed it, another overthrown-ball to 3rd. Sarah, Kelly, and Chrissy followed, but were all thrown out at 1st. Ashley stepped back in to pitch, allowing only two hits on 5 batters. All three outs came on good catches by Clairemont fielders, the most memorable being a shoestring catch by Stefanie in left centerfield on the second batter. (8-0)

The 6th inning was to be the last as Clairemont earned two more runs. Ashley led off with a great grounder to left, but was thrown out at second. Kyrstin followed with a double. Jennifer Creager hit a nice pop-up, but unfortunately there was a Chula Vista glove in the way. Stefanie singled, advancing Kyrstin to 3rd. Gina then stepped to the plate, and promptly hit a triple, bringing in Kyrstin and Stefanie. Jennifer Price walked to first, but no further runs were allowed as Angela's pop-up was snagged. Ashley threw the opening pitches of the sixth inning, but she was either getting tired, or the Crazy Devils were wise to her ways, as she allowed a walk and two singles with the Devil's first three batters. (The first batter was thrown out at 3rd on the third batter's single.) Chrissy was brought in as the closer to strikeout the remaining two batters. (Final score: 10-0)

What was apparent in this first game was that the Clairemonsters were playing well as a team. Yes, the bats were hot and they were able to capitalize on numerous errors by the Crazy Devils. But most impressive was the excellent defensive work of this young team. Accurate throws and catches characterized the work of the 'Monsters, as they calmly and competently went about the business of holding Chula Vista in check. Every girl made significant contributions, whether they were at the plate or out in the field. A "most excellent" opening game for the 2000 3A Spring Sox season.

3:00 PM Game 2 (Clairemont was Home) - After a well-deserved 40-minute rest, the two teams returned for a rematch. Taking the field first, it quickly became apparent that Chula Vista was out for blood at being shutout of the first game. With Chrissy as the starting pitcher, the Crazy Devils began taking their revenge. Leading off with a walk, they quickly followed with two well-placed singles. A 3-RBI double caught Clairemont's attention. Another single to get on base, an out at 1st, a single that was thrown out while stealing 2nd, and a final fly out at 1st ended the top of the 1st, but the damage was done with Chula Vista racking up 5 runs.

The bottom of the 1st saw Clairemont strike back with 6 runs. A single by Ashley as leadoff batter, followed by three doubles from Stefanie, Kyrstin, and Chrissy. The first three runs were all due to overthrows at third by Chula Vista. Gina drew a walk and Kelly struck out. With two runners on, Kara stepped to the plate and tapped a well-placed 2-RBI bunt bringing home Chrissy and Gina. Sarah was walked, but turned the walk into a home run as the Devils once again overthrew 3rd base trying to get Kara out, allowing Kara and Sarah to score. The 6-run rule kept Sarah's run from counting, but Clairemont (with only one out) took the lead with 6 runs to Chula Vista's 5. (5-6)

Chrissy was now warmed-up, allowing only one run in the 2nd. Though the first batter led off with a triple, scoring on a sacrifice out at 1st with the next batter, the remaining three batters grounded out at 1st, walked, and ended with a caught pop-up

With Clairemont once again at bat, 8 more batters got their chance. Michael, Jennifer Price, and Jennifer Creager all hit singles, with Michael scoring on Creager's hit. Angela walked, followed by a 2-RBI single from Ashley. Stefanie singled, followed by a sacrifice pop-up from Kyrstin, as Angela scored. Chrissy tripled, bringing home Stefanie and adding 6 runs to the Clairemonsters total. (6-12)

The top of the 3rd inning saw Jennifer Price's pitching debut for the Spring Sox season. Three up, three down as the first two were caught pop-ups, with the third striking out.

With Clairemont at bat, Gina tripled, Kelly hit an RBI fly to left, and Kara struck out. Kelly scored on an overthrow to 3rd, Sarah singled, but was tagged out stealing home. Michael struck out, but with two more insurance runs the Monsters were solidly in the lead. (6-14)

The 4th inning saw Jennifer Price return to the mound for another go at holding the Chula Vista Crazy Devils. And hold them she did. Of the five batters she faced, the first was thrown-out at 1st, the second hit a double, and the next was thrown-out at 1st. A walk followed, and finally the last batter once again thrown-out at 1st.

Chula Vista pitching held Clairemont as well. Jennifer Price singled, but was called out later sliding into 3rd as her foot momentarily lifted from the bag while the 3rd baseman held the tag. Jennifer Creager popped-up and out, and Angela struck out. (6-14)

The 5th inning saw Stefanie rested and ready to pitch again. After allowing a walk, the next two batters were thrown-out at 1st. The 4th batter was allowed a walk, but was thrown-out stealing 2nd.

Ashley took her best shot at the plate, driving a hit that looked like a surefire double, but the shortstop got in the way making a quick-reaction catch that resulted in the first out. Stefanie singled to left field, while Kyrstin popped-up for an out. Stefanie stole 3rd on Chrissy's bunt-single. Gina was thrown-out at first for the final out. (6-14)

The top of the 6th inning saw 8 different batters approach the plate, but only two runs were allowed. Stefanie allowed 2 walks and a single before striking out batter #4. The next batter hit a 2-RBI single, followed by yet another single. Batter #3 was thrown-out on a force as batter #6 singled. Batter #7 was hit by a pitch that was followed by a strikeout. A rough inning for the pitcher, but with the final out Clairemont emerged on top as the game was called for time, the final score Clairemont 14, Chula Vista 8.

Thus ended the first 3A Spring Sox double-header. This sweep of Chula Vista I displayed the skill of execution and perseverance of spirit possessed by these girls and their coaches. Congratulations on a very successful opening day!

Submitted by: Lenny Gemar
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