Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball League
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Clairemont Girls Fastpitch
Mission Statement

   Girls Fastpitch Softball is an educational organization committed to giving all eligible girls, regardless of race, color, creed or athletic ability the freedom to explore the game of softball.  Team activities instill in them the attributes that will make them better citizens of the United States of America.  This exploration takes the form of programs devoted to excellence, in the areas of Citizenship, Friendship, Leadership, Sportsmanship and Scholarship.

   The emphasis in Girls Fastpitch Softball is on playing the game and having fun.  Playing makes everyone feel like a winner and girls develop physically, spiritually and emotionally.  The softball field is a platform upon which children can perform for their parents, relatives and friends in healthy and productive ways.  The Girls Fastpitch tradition offers a value orientation for the participants insuring a respectful, ethical commitment that views all levels of athletic ability as valuable.

   Girls Fastpitch Softball provides parents and adults in the community with education and information that will enhance their opportunity to serve in a program dedicated to excellence.  The program focuses on family values to strengthen the moral character of children, families and the communities in which they live, thereby forwarding American ideals.  This agenda encourages girls to actualize their gifts and talents and develop the intellectual and physical competence necessary for informed and concerned citizenship.

   The objectives of the Girls Fastpitch Softball educational program, therefore, encompass the development of team affiliation, a receptivity to other people, and the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and values, both personal and communal, necessary for the benefit of all girls and their families to live successfully in American society.
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch SoftballClairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball