Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball League
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Clairemont Girls Fastpitch
Spectator Guidelines

1. Spectators are not allowed to heckle or "ride" the umpires at Clairemont softball games.  Remember that 90% of calls made by the umpires are judgement calls and are not protestable.  If an umpire makes a mistake, the team adversely affected has the right to have the error corrected prior to the next pitch.

NOTE: The umpires are empowered to call a game due to excessive unruly or abusive behavior by spectators. Unruly spectators will be asked to leave the field area. A permanent ban could result from multiple instances of inappropriate behavior.

2. Spectators are not allowed to heckle or "ride" the other team and are not allowed to call them names or belittle their efforts.  Rather, spectators are encouraged to support their own team and team members with encouraging remarks and enthusiastic applause.

3. Spectators are directed to stay away from team dugouts and are never allowed to talk to players or managing personnel who are involved in playing a game.  Your team could suffer a loss of concentration and the game could become lost due to your interference.

4. Spectators are directed to remain behind fences and out of play lines to prevent possible "spectator's interference" penalties.

5. Spectators are directed to return all foul balls hit or thrown into the stands to the game announcer's stand, unless directed by a game umpire to return it to the field immediately.

Last updated 6/21/2002
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch SoftballClairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball