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2016 Season Photos
2016 Season Photos (39)
Last updated 02/28/2016
Various photos of the 2016 season
2015 Season Photos
2015 Season Photos (33)
Last updated 07/06/2015
Various photos of the 2015 season
2014 Season Photos
2014 Season Photos (73)
Last updated 03/10/2014
Various photos of the CGFP 2014 season. Memorial Day Tournament photos also available.
2013 Memorial Day,Post-Season, and Fall Season Photos
Thanks to everyone for supporting the 10th Annual Clairemont Kyrstin Gemar Classic Memorial Day Tournament. Results are posted on the tournament page.
2013 Season Photos
2013 Season Photos (48)
Last updated 04/23/2013
Various photos of the CGFP 2013 season.
2012 Season Photos
2012 Season Photos (165)
Last updated 09/09/2012
Various photos of the CGFP 2012 season.
2011 Season Photos
2011 Season Photos (130)
Last updated 05/29/2011
At 2011 Junior OTL CGFP took 1st and 2nd in the 9 to 11 division and 1st and 3rd in the 12 to 14 division! Memorial Day Tournament photos by Harold Colson begin on Page 2. Various other photos of the CGFP 2011 season taken by Lenny may be viewed on
2010 Season Photos
2010 Season Photos (59)
Last updated 05/08/2010
Various photos of the CGFP 2010 season. Game and action photos by Lenny Gemar may be viewed on his web site.
2010 Kyrstin Gemar Memorial Tournament
On November 1st, 2009, Clairemont alumni Kyrstin Gemar drowned, along with two DSU teammates in Dickinson, ND. Since the beginning of her softball career at Clairemont Bobby Sox in 1993, Kyrstin made many friends along the way. In a tribute to her, they played...
2009 Season Photos
2009 Season Photos (15)
Last updated 04/25/2009
Photos from the 2009 season
2008 All-Stars and Fall Teams
Various photos of the 2008 post-season, including the Independence Day All-Star Tournament at CGFP and UC Del Sol. Official team photos (if any) are also available on each team's Roster page.
2008 5th Annual Clairemont Memorial Classic Tournament
Posed, candid, and action photos from the Clairemont Memorial Day Classic tournament. Despite a heavy rain the evening before, the tournament ran to a successful completion. Thanks to all of the participants and volunteers.
2008 Season
2008 Season (212)
Last updated 05/10/2008
Photos from the 2008 Opening Day ceremonies to the end of the 2008 season.
2008 CGFP/Jugs 100-Inning Game
Thanks to all of you the Clairemont Girls Fastpitch 3rd Annual 100-inning fundraiser was a huge success! Here are a few photos of the fun and festivities. Also a "thank you" letter from League Preside...
2007 All-Stars and Fall Teams
2007 All-Stars and Fall Teams (5)
Last updated 11/10/2007
Various photos of the 2007 post-season. Official team photos (if any) are available on each team's Roster page.
2007 4th Annual Clairemont Memorial Classic Tournament
Miscellaneous Photos from the 4th Annual Clairemont Classic Memorial Tournament
2007 Season
2007 Season (62)
Last updated 05/12/2007
From Opening Day to Closing Day, the CGFP 2007 season in pictures.
2007 CGFP/Jugs 100-Inning Game
It was a HUGE turn-out for the 2nd annual CGFP/Jugs 100-Inning game.  The weather couldn't have been nicer as Clairemont's 2007 players took the field to play as many innings as possible before sunset.  The players from Rip City Academy and San Diego...
2006 Fall Teams
2006 Fall Teams (1)
Last updated 11/21/2006
Miscellaneous photos of 2006 Fall teams playing under the Clairemont banner.
2006 All-Stars
2006 All-Stars (6)
Last updated 06/11/2006
2006 3rd Annual Clairemont Memorial Classic Tournament
Here are the 1st and 2nd place teams from the 2006 Clairemont Memorial Classic Tournament.
2006 Closing Day Ceremony
2006 Closing Day Ceremony (24)
Last updated 05/20/2006
The final day of regular season is always a bitter-sweet event.  We're going to miss our friends as we head our separate ways over the summer, but we also breathe a sigh of relief that the carousel of league events and games has come to a stop.  As w...
2006 Season
2006 Season (196)
Last updated 05/13/2006
Misc Photos from 2006 regular season.  If you have some fun photos, please submit them to the webmaster for inclusion in this photo gallery.
2006 Mountain Mike's Pizza Night
Thanks to everyone that particpated in this year's Mountain Mike's Pizza Night fundraising event.  Good friends, good pizza, and an evening where you didn't have to wash the dishes.  Oh, and yeah!  Some additional funding for the league.
2006 Ma & Pa Tournament
2006 Ma & Pa Tournament (86)
Last updated 04/02/2006
Always a lot of fun, a little parental team building and league camaraderie gives everyone a chance to blow off some steam, and maybe pull a hamstring or two.

The pain of the day, coupled with the time change, should make for slow-going on Monday mornin...
2006 CGFP/Jugs 100-Inning Game
Food & root beer floats, party jumps, music, 36 pints of blood donated to the San Diego Blood Bank, and 11 continuous hours of softball. That made up the Inaugural CGFP/Jugs 100-Inning ...
2006 Opening Day
2006 Opening Day (13)
Last updated 02/25/2006
Opening Day, 2006.  Fresh ocean breezes across the mesa, the sounds of team spirit wafting over the fields, and softball players running the bases.  It's a new year, and 246 players represent the 2006 Clairemont Girls Fa...
1972 Season Photos
1972 Season Photos (1)
Last updated 05/30/1972
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball
Clairemont Girls Fastpitch SoftballClairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball